Professional Training and Development


Trauma Informed Schools

This training focuses on supporting teachers and leaders to understand trauma and its effect on the brain, schools and behavior. The goal is to help schools create systems that will support a trauma informed approach. Some topics that may be addressed in these sessions are:

  • Relationship Building

  • Empathetic Understanding

  • Social Emotional Learning

  • Collaborative Support for Behavior Management


Equity for School Improvement

This session is focused on supporting campus and district leaders, as well as teachers to create more equitable outcomes for learners. Dr. Brown has done a lot of research on equity and sessions can be focused on specific aspects such as:

  • Equity Audits

  • Creating an Equity Mindset

  • Leading for Equity

  • Improving Schools for Equity


One World Consulting Can Help You Meet Your Goals!

We are ready and prepared to support your district or campus in educating the whole child. Our sessions are collaborative, engaging and created to meet your needs. Our consultants have experience in education, research and are fierce advocates for children. Let us create a training just for you.