TABSE 2019 Research Institute

I had a wonderful time participating in a substantive panel discussion about equity and the effects of Brown v. Board of Education. Then educators shared their research on how to move the needle for black children. It was a powerful time spending space with people truly dedicated to see black children realize their true potential. Please check out the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators and all they do for children.

Building Equity through Professional Development with Alamo Heights ISD

I would like to express how excited I was to work with the teachers and leaders in Alamo Heights. They have an amazing team with hearts for kids. The conversations were focused on student growth, equity, new mindsets. I am encouraged to see how they will finish out this semester ensuring their students are given every opportunity to succeed and thrive.

Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association (TEPSA) 2018 Conference

The TEPSA conference was a huge success. Dr. Brown and her message was well received and began many leaders began the discourse to bring about equitable outcomes for children.  Look at one of the many comments she has received:

"It was so great attending your session, From Sleep to Woke, at TEPSA. In particular, the short exerts you provided with the protocols would make an excellent exercise to do with my staff.  

One of my passions is also helping my teachers face the opportunity gap that is being perpetuated
with our boys in our schools. 

On another note, I’ve been wrestling with the idea after your session that a large part of our sleeping society is against equity because the current social and power structures have benefited them so much.  Challenging these resistant structures requires deep conversations and leadership that help posit to those that are asleep the benefit of a society that rejects a binary structure of winners and losers, and embraces true communal cooperation for the benefit of all which can only begin with a common vision of equity."